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What is Hand and Nail Harmony?

Hand and Nail Harmony is the company that distributes Gelish and All That Jazz in the UK. They stock authentic Gelish and are licensed to sell Gelish alongside with Salon Services UK. Gelish provides a high quality and durable soak off gel polish, the new polygel system and hard gels to nail professionals. During the X-Factor, nail technicians provided Gelish and All That Jazz treatments to its competitors including Matt Terry. Unfortunately Gelish and other premium gel brands have been targetted by unscrupulous copy cats that believe they offer genuine Gelish when they are not and we provide a link to educate the public. Ultimately it is the quality and safety of the product that will be affected.


From the same makers of polygel, I offer a genuine Gelish soak off and Gelish Hard Gel treatments with over 100 colours and effects to choose from. A Gelish polish manicure service usually lasts between 2 to 3 weeks when properly taken care of. Application and removal of the gel does not cause damage if applied and removed properly. A gelish hard gel application should last, but the client is advised to come in for regular maintenance on the nails.

Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor is the US arm of Nail Harmony lacquer range and if you are after a lacquer service, we also stock a 10 day wear lacquer for extended wear in a wide range of colours and colours matching the Gelish range. This is ideal if you would like to match finger nail colours with toe colours but not wanting gel toes. If there is a specific colour you are after, please visit the Gelish website and I will try and get it for you on your next booking.

All That Jazz

All that Jazz is the UK arm of Nail Harmony UK and we offer a set of manicure and pedicure treatments that are sold exclusively by Nail Harmony UK. They include lacquers that are designed to work well with its treatments, pedicure salts, bees wax, oils and other premium hand and foot care products.

For pedicure and manicure services, the range of scents we have at the moment is chocolate orange which our clients love!

Some of my work with Gelish Morgan Taylor and ATJ

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