Womens nail trends and fashion for 2018

Fashion changes every year to reflect what's on and what's off. This article will give you an insight on what are the nail trends set for 2018.

Nail polish of the year?

The colour voted as the colour of the year by global colour trend forecasting agency Pantone is violet. We have a good selection of violet ranges as gel (Gelish) and nail polish (Morgan Taylor).

Nail art ideas for violet?

Violet nails and violet hair go hand in hand. Nail art that goes well with violet polish can be black line art, or gems can give your nail art a mystical look for 2018. I will be adding more in this section over the year.

Minimal nail art

Minimal nail art can be geometric, chevron french or simple lines and blocks that gives your nails an elegant look. This nail trend has been on since 2017 and is still trending in 2018.

Which colours work best for my skin type?

Each client has an individual profile for colour selection. This is why in ths section, I will describe which are the best combinations for each skin type.

Fair skin

Pastel colours usually works best with light to fair skin as darker colours can make a bold look unless it is a look that you want to go for. Pastel colours tend to be softer - colours such as coral, mint and lavender are examples - which compliments very well with this type of skin.

Tanned/olive skin

Tanned skin is neutral in the sense that you can wear any type of polish colour during the year. Depending on your undertones - whether you are warmer or colder - colour nail polish would vary. A good indicator is if wearing gold or silver jewellery suits you best. If it is silver, then colder colours are for you like blue, violet and purple range. If gold suits you, then warmer colours will suit you best such as red, orange, yellow range

Dark skin

A darker skin will benefit from bold colours as lighter colours will make it look washed out. Bold dark colours such as burgundy, deep purples and violets are best for this type of skin.

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