Fake Gelish and Shellac Products

The client is paying for a service and he/she has the right to know what kind of products and brands are being used. So in doubt, ask your technician first. hi

Cheap Shellac and cheap gel nails

It is typical to see gel services for £10 or lower and one should ask questions such as, what product do they use? Are they insured to carry out the service? Most probably they aren't using genuine products or the right equipment and it will most probably risk your nails health. Running a gel service for £10 is not sustainable for any business and they will shut down eventually as short cuts will be taken; even with safety and hygiene!

To give you a good estimate of how much Gelish polish and shellac nails should cost around Lancaster, it would be in the region of £20 to £35 from reputable nail salons in Lancaster. In this industry, you get what you pay for which in latin also means caveat emptor, buyer beware.

Fake Gelish

fake gelish original gelish

There are other companies that produces similar products that mimics the Hand and Nail Harmony logo and Gelish logo (it mentions to use Gelish foundation) and it might be the case that unscrupulous (or unaware of brand identity) nail technicians are using this product as Gelish when it isn't real Gelish. On the left image is a Gelish imitation bottle and the right is the genuine Gelish product. If Gelish is not purchased from the correct channels, it would be hard to prove if it is the genuine product but usually, they have a product batch number at the base and a Gelish hologram at the front.

Fake Shellac and fake Gels

original Shellac

It is common that nowadays, the amateur nail technician or unscrupulous nail salons might be offering something to a client that they might think it isn't at rock bottom prices. The main reason is that people associate "shellac" with shiny high quality nails. The problem is when the Shellac service isn't a shellac service and in fact is a gel service. There is nothing wrong with gel polish, but it's the wrong name given to a service in order to attract clients. This is deceitful advertising.

When they hear "gel nails", it is assumed that it must be bad quality - not entirely true. Both gel and shellac are distinct products, Shellac is a product made by CND and gel is just a chemical name that many nail polish companies use. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and yes, even with shellac nails, you can damage your nails if you don't know what you are doing. Cheaper gel nails will feel lumpy and heavy, and will be harder to remove which would result in nail damage to the client's nails. In contrast with using a high end gel polish such as Gelish, it feels lighter and it can be removed easier than cheaper gels in the market without damage.

Popular brands being faked are Gelish and Shellac. Look at the product being used in the nail salon, does it say it is "Shellac" and made by "CND" aka Creative Nail Design? If it is a gel service - check the brand name, there are several popular high end gel services include Gelish, OPI, bio gel and Jessica Geleration to name a few. If you go to a nail salon and they state you are getting a "shellac" service when in fact the bottles are not from CND who are the company who create Shellac, then it isn't a real Shellac service and you are being conned. Some product names claiming to use the word "Shellac" may be sold in 3rd party sites or other online nail stores aimed to the average consumer; the problem is you don't know where it came from. For nail technicians, there are appointed distributors and official stockists. Original Shellac or Gelish removes without hardly any effort with acetone. You can see the original shellac on the right.

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